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Black Banker - Goldschlager Mixed With Banker&39;s Vodka And Chocolate Syrup. Irish Cookie . There Were Flakes Of 24 Carat Gold In My Stool For About A Month.

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It&39;s Called Goldschlager & It&39;s Not A Vodka. Goldschlager Is A Swiss Cinnamon Schnapps, A Clear Liqueur With Very Thin Yet Visible Flakes Of Gold Floating .

Why Do The Gold Flakes In Gold Vodka Stay Suspended And Almost .

Last Night A Friend Brought A Smirnoff Cinnamon vodka with gold flakes. I Was Immediately Surprised Because They Didn&39;t Settle Even After 1 H .

Someone Told Me That The Vodka With Them Gold Flakes In It Cuts .

The Little Gold Bits Cut Your Throat So That The Alchohol Goes Straight Into Your Bloodstream And You Get Drunk Quicker. WTF? Is That True?

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There Have Always Been Those Who Want Only The Best, Who Truly Appreciate The Benchmarks Of Luxury. Now Gold Flakes Supreme Has Captured The Timeless .

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This Velvety Soft 24 Karat Gold Vodka From Holland With An Alcohol Content Of 43, Is A Combination Of Osmosis Water And 100 Pure Grain Alcohol.

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Gold Flakes In Liquor Is Not New (Goldschlager Anyone?) But This Is The First Time I Have Seen It In Vodka. The Gold Flakes Supreme Vodka Is .

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Gold Flakes Vodka Reviews And Ratings. This Spirit Is In The Vodka - Wheat Category. Read About Official Liquor Ratings And Liquor Reviews For This Spirit At Proof66.

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Royal Dragon Vodka Imperial Is A Celebration Of Superior Craftsmanship In All Its . Vodka Imperial Is Finished With Highest Quality Edible 23 Carat Gold Flakes From .

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Essentially, It&39;s Just Cinnamon Flavoured Vodka With Real Gold Flakes In It But Now That New Years Is Finally Upon Us Though, I&39;m A Bit Like Um What Do I Do With .