A Giant All In One Dell XPS 18 Portable

Are you looking for a giant sized all-in-one thinnest and lightweight laptop-cun-tablet? How about Dell XPS 18 that comes with a large screen for big tablet and weightless laptop for you? It can be termed as the world’s most portable laptop 2013 for the complete family.

A Giant All In One Dell XPS 18 Portable

Dell XPS 18 Portable

# Introduction:

Like many other Dell laptops, the Dell XPS 18 also comes with amazing features, specification and design. It is the world’s most portable laptop-cum-tablet with all the amazing features of both. So, know more about the features, design and the specifications.
Designing, Features and Specification of Dell XPS 18

Giant All In One Dell XPS 18 Portable

Design, Specifications and Features:

Design of Giant Dell XPS 18 Portable

The designing, features and the specification of the new Dell XPS 18 are excellent and makes it different from the other portables.
1. Look: This laptop looks amazing with it giant sized screen. It looks as if it is made for the complete family!
2. Weight: The lightweight laptop and the tablet weigh 5 pounds in all. The system can be easily handled by children too.
3. Display: The multi-touch screen is 18.4” and is full HD with 1080p.This screen is good enough for the children to work and play games at comfort without the strain on the eyes.
4. Battery: The battery is excellent with 5 hours of life. It is good enough for playing games or watching movies with the children.
5. Processor: 3rd Generation Intel Core processor i7-3770 processor (up to 3.90 GHz) with amazing performance.
6. Keyboard and Mouse: The portable comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse. The use of the wireless devices can be of great importance when one desires to use it in a portable form to move it from one place to another.
7. Adjustable Stand: It comes with an optional adjustable stand to remain powdered up. The stand looks artistic and elegant and suits the portable design.
8. Special Features: It can be viewed in 178 degrees. This means that it can bend down and can be viewed by the complete family. It can be placed flat on the table, sofa and even on the lawn.
9. Operating System: Windows 8 to give the best features of the OS. It comes with all the security features of the operating system.
10. Undock Feature: The portable can be undocked easily and moved to the office, lawn or even to the kitchen. It becomes easier for the children to work on the tablet, view the recipes in the kitchen or watch movies along with the complete family.
11. Built-in Feet: The feet of the table can be flip-out easily to play games, study and even do the homework on the tablet.
12. Ports and Sound System: It has all the required ports like 2 USB 3.0 ports, a speaker, 3.5mm headphone and volume. One can easily listen to the music, watch movies and play games with the sound system and ports.
13. RAM: 8GB DDR3 RAM that would be the best for playing games, watching movies and doing multi-tasking work on the computer.
14. Hard Disk: 512 GB SSD
15. Video Card: Intel HD Graphics card with 4000 GPU.

# Prices of Dell XPS 18 Portable:

Price of Dell XPS 18 Portable

The Dell price of the portable starts at $899.99.

# Conclusion:

Dell XPS 18

Dell XPS 18 is the best portable 2013 for the complete family and can be easily undocked to form the tablet. Its wide screen makes it easy to watch movies and play games. Moreover, the mega tablet features like touch screen facility and the screen bending features make it a portable for the complete family. Its lightweight features make it easier to be handled by the children, women and the older ones.

Altogether, it is the all-in-one and all purpose giant portable for the complete family!

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