10 Most Popular Ways of Online Marketing

Marketing plays a very important role in the online business. One needs to know some basic ways of marketing online for more leads, more sales and better business. An online businessman can never be successful if he/she does not practice the basic ways of online marketing.

10 Most Popular Ways of Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Since marketing world is at the peak; one can concentrate more to get more profit using the Internet marketing strategies. There are many ways of marketing in the online world and one can invent more as time goes one. So, let’s know the popular ways of online marketing.

#1 — Email Marketing:

We almost of thousands of friends in our email list, however, it is best to communicate with them for some basic purpose. Friendly emails can be sent to the email friends list once in a week to make best of the sales. Moreover, generating an email marketing list in the form of the leads works really well when others subscribe to the updates and email newsletter. Thus, email marketing becomes fruitful when the visitors themselves take interests in the emails sent by the webmasters.If you are looking for a good email marketing software, I highly recommend you to check out Thunder Mailer. This is a great software that enables you to send mass emails quickly.

Email Marketing

#2 — Social Media Marketing:

Facebook and Twitter are very popular ways of social media marketing and many businessmen have found great ways of generating sales to make good profit. Social media is one of the best and popular ways of marketing online, however, it needs a lot of patience to generate a good reputation for more friends and fans. Once the list of genuine followers increases, one can easily do the marketing job without fail.

Social Media Marketing

#3 — Network Marketing:

Generating a huge network for marketing of some products is a common practice these days. Network marketing is also known as MLM and it works well with genuine products to be sold. Many people find interest in this kind of marketing because it involves more of practical use of the products instead of just an advertisement.

Network Marketing

#4 — Website Marketing:

Launching a good and informative website for selling the brand or the products is a very good idea these days. Many blogs and websites are being created because it becomes easy to sell the products or e-books online by the use of the website. A website generates business even while one is asleep and can be done at the comfort of the home.

Website Marketing

#5 — Article Marketing:

Marketing of many products can be done by writing informative articles about it and then marketing them in various article directories. Moreover, there are more chances of business because the information written in the article provokes one to buy the product easily. The link of the product to be purchased, the buy now button or the link to the webpage for selling the product can be added at the bottom of the articles.

Article Marketing

#6 — URL Submission/Directory Marketing:

There are many ways to add the URL of the webpage where the product is placed to be sold online. There are free and paid directories for the same. If the product is digital like e-books and digital files, then it can get sold and will be available to the customer on the spot, however, if the product is to be delivered at the shipping address, then it takes specified time. In all the cases, URL marketing is one of the popular ways to do online marketing because it generates business even when one is asleep.

URL SubmissionDirectory Marketing

#7 — SMS Marketing:

Many online marketers have found SMS text marketing as one of the popular ways of making online business. The subscribers to the SMS get advertisements in the form of text messages with their permission. Thus, mobile/SMS marketing becomes an instant way of marketing in the online world. Many websites have free facilities of sending SMS through Internet; however, they append advertisements for marketing their products. This helps them gain clients easily for better rate of sales.

SMS Marketing

#8 — Internet Marketing Forums:

Internet has many ways and popular ideas to generate traffic and forum is one of them. Marketing of products become very easy on the forums because these have amazing traffic and interested visitors/members. Since, forums are run in a closed group forming community of members, they trust the marketing products and thus it makes a good business too.

Internet Marketing Forums

#9 — Marketing by Traffic Exchange:

Many traffic exchanges have come forward so that one many start online marketing using the readymade paid traffic. Since generating sales is the only purpose of the online marketer, he/she can easily make the use of the traffic exchanges for best profit.

Marketing by Traffic Exchange

#10 — Marketing by Pay Per Click:

Google Adwords is one of the most popular ways of online marketing and making sales. One gets amazing traffic and interested visitors for buying the products. Online marketing has become successful using the PPC marketing strategies where one creates an advertisement, pays for the traffic and that’s all!

Marketing by Pay Per Click

So, are you ready to enter the online marketing world using the 10 most popular ways of online marketing. Out of all the online marketing methods, I must admit that email marketing is still the most effective and important. Find out why email marketing is so important on my friend’s site on ThunderMailer.com.

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