Top 10 Best Windows 8 Apps of 2013

Windows is a best and the most popular operating system of 2013, There are million of people who using windows as their default operating system. More then 3 months ago Microsoft released the latest version of windows ” Windows “.

The latest version, Yes I mean Windows 8 is much better and faster then older versions, It consumes less CPU speed and designed for multiple devices. In the App store of microsoft, There are hundreds of, Thousand of applications made for windows 8. So today here I’m going to share some best and the most popular windows 8 applications of 2013.

#1 — Wikipedia (Free)


Wikipedia is most popular website, It allow users to search any topic in internet without any charges, YES! This app is 100% free. The windows 8 encyclopedia ( Wikipedia ) is very easy to use and we don’t need to open browser or any page for searching wikipedia. Just open the app and search whatever you want.

#2 — All My Storage Pro (Paid)

All My Storage Pro
Well Here we are talking about top 10 best Windows 8 apps of 2013,  So in the year 2013 most of people are using Cloud storage.. Isn’t? So here is the best app to manage all of your cloud storage’s from one place like Skydrive, Dropbox etc.

#3 — Search All

Search All
Search All is a best app to search on diffrent search engines from single place, Not only search engines but you can also search Wikipedia and some social media websites like facebook, twitter and Google+.

#4 — Codeplus

If you are a web Developer or a programmer then this app can help you in multiple ways! Codeplus windows 8 app brought a best and a colorful text terminal for your new operating system. ( Similar to Dreamweaver )

#5 — Fhotoroom

Fhotoroom is a windows 8 app used to edit images, If you are using images on anything then this app can help you to make your images more beautiful. You can change brightness, contrast and full picture colours as showen in the picture. You can crop image if you don’t like any part in image.

#6 — Format Coverter X

Format Coverter X

Format converter is a windows 8 app used to convert audio and video files into diffrent formats, Its a multimedia coverter and almost free to use. You can even convert high quality videos and audio files like 1080 px.

#7 — Windows Phone – Free

Windows Phone Free
My windows phone is a windows 8 application for synchronizing files and contacts from windows mobiles directly, My windows phone provides a tiled interface to show you windows phone storage and makes easy to transfer files from computer to phone.

#8 — Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint
Have you seen MS paint in windows? That’s something similar to it. Fresh paint is a windows 8 app, We can make diffrent paintings with a variety for paint brueshes and effects. Its better and popular then MS paint.

#9 — Typo

If you are using touch screen device then this app let’s you practice your typing. By practicing on this app you can increase your typing speed in few days and free of cost. Now a days a lot of people are using touch screen devices and windows 8 is also very responsive for touch devices, So this app can help you in multiple ways to increase your typing speed on touch devices.

#10 — Weather Bug

Weather Bug

Weather bug is a weather app for windows 8, It shows you real-time weather reports of your city and your country with a beautiful user interface. It don’t only shows current weather status but also predicts for upcoming days.

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