21 Inspirational Cool Android Home Screen Layouts

Android operating system is an open source and highly customizable. There are bunch of applications, widgets available to let you decorate your android phone home screen layout. You can change and choose and even develop your own home screen because of the open source nature of this software. Lots are of designers are making such layouts and publishing them on internet to grab for free. It is also an advantage of android users over iphone fans. that they can customize anything according to their interest. Anime, Cool, sleek, colorful, amazing and much more. So we are publishing collection of best and stunning android home screens made by Android lovers

#1 — Anonymized Android Home Screen:


#2 — Arrow Android Home Screen:


#3 — Classic Clm Hues Android Home Screen:

Classic Clm Hues

#4 — Clood Galaxy K Android Home Screen:

Clood Galaxy K

#5 — Colorful Screen Android Home Screen:

Colorful Screen

#6 — Cool Android Home Screen:

Cool Android Home Screen

#7 — Creative Screen:

Creative Screen

#8 — Ironman For Android:

Ironman For Android

#9 — Japnese Candy Android Home Screen:

Japnese Candy

#10 — Lonely Street Android Screen:

Lonely Street

#11 — Marvel Vs Capcom Android Home Screen Layouts:

Marvel Vs Capcom

#12 — Motorola My Never Love Android Screen Layout:

Motorola My Never Love

#13 — Mr. Grey Android Home Screen:

Mr. Grey

#14 — Puzzle Android Home Screen:


#15 — Red Living Room Android Home Screen:

Red Living Room

#16 — Robotic Control Android Screen:

Robotic Control

#17 — Sketchy Android Home Screen Layout:


#18 — Spider Man Android Home Screen:

Spider Man Android Home Screen

#19 — Spinning Circles Android Home Screen:

Spinning Circles

#20 — Stylish Look Fall:

Stylish Look Fall

#21 — The Droid Screen Layouts for Android:

The Droid

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